Instructions for use Erogan

How to use the pills Erogan

In addition to the high performance and acceptable price, tablet Erogan are easy to use. Unfortunately, sometimes, in the packaging of the missing tools, instruction manual, therefore, many men are interested in how to take the medicine. In the instructions Erogan describes the requirements and recommendations:

How to use correctly Erogan

  • the reception drops: drink the pill must be twice a day – morning and evening before bed;
  • taking tablets: use tablets should be 1 pice per day before meals;
  • if the tool is used for the prevention of the erectile dysfunction, this need to drink tablets per day;
  • therapeutic during the consumption of the drug Erogan a minimum of 1 month, and positive results will be visible after 6-8 days.

This tool to fight against impotence is a certified biologically active additive. The tablets have passed a number of laboratory and clinical trials, including the results of international analyze the authorities have issued a manufacturer's certificate attesting to the effectiveness and safety of the tool.

The composition of the drops and tablets to improve the power is natural and absolutely harmless, so drug contraindications missing. But the manufacturer is strongly recommended that you refrain from receiving from the men, who have an individual intolerance to any of the components. Also, this tool has no side effects.