Weak potency: causes and treatment, symptoms and prevention

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a pathological process caused by the physical inability of the penis to reach and maintain a state of sexual arousal for the time necessary to perform a full-fledged sexual act.

There is an opinion that impotence is an age-related disease that marks the end of all intimate life. However, such a statement is fundamentally wrong, because each man has his own reserve of opportunities obtained from nature, which can be reduced under the influence of various external factors, so it is possible and necessary to deal with this problem.

Causes of impotence in men

Erection is a rather difficult physical process, which is a whole chain of reactions one after another. A healthy body takes less than a minute to execute all the necessary algorithms. The time during which a man is able to maintain sexual tension is determined individually, taking into account the characteristics of each individual case.

The onset of erectile dysfunction in men can manifest itself not only as an independent disease, but also as a symptom of another deep chronic pathology.

There are many negative factors that affect the course of both the entire cycle as a whole, and its individual parts, which are necessary to keep the penis in a state of persistent erection:

  • psychological disorders and traumas;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • various diseases that affect the decrease in sexual activity in men;
  • consumption of alcohol, smoking and drug use;
  • inflammation and mutilation of the male genitalia;
  • side effects of drugs;
  • disrespect for the culture of natural sex and the frequent use of artificial substitutes.
bad habits as a cause of low potency

Psychological impotence manifests itself under the influence of constant stress and nervous instability, most often it occurs in young, strong and physically healthy people. As a rule, it is temporary and disappears as suddenly as it appears.

The erection and the sexual intercourse that accompanies it require in themselves the expenditure of a great energy resource. Consequently, its absence or partial exhaustion leads to a decline in erectile abilities.

The state of the arterial and venous systems of the body has a direct impact on the physical structure of the male penis at the time of sexual tension and the duration of intercourse. Therefore, atherosclerosis, abnormalities associated with impaired cerebral circulation, diabetes mellitus can cause problems in intimate life. But the main risk group are men with various inflammations of the genitourinary system, especially in an advanced form.

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Too frequent use of self-gratification as a means of relieving sexual tension leads to the stagnation of spermatozoa in the testicles, reducing their activity and, consequently, causing impotence.

Decreased testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is the main natural mechanism for maintaining men's health. Meanwhile, its content in the blood and the rate of production can be reduced under the influence of various endocrine disorders, failures in the functioning of liver cells, leading to a lack of material for the reproduction of testosterone. The disturbance of fat metabolism, in the presence of excess body weight, also negatively affects the production of the hormone.

Drug addiction, alcoholism and tobacco smoking, which act as a source of accumulation of harmful substances and toxins, contribute to the formation of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the abuse of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotic products inflicts a double blow on male potency, reducing testosterone production and having a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of the body as a whole.

The existence of drugs that significantly reduce libido, in connection with their constituent components, should also be mentioned.

Symptoms of impotence

Impotence is primary, if the erection does not appear in boys from an early age, and secondary, if it weakens over time or disappears altogether.

Also distinguish between physiological, acquired and age-related, which develops with age, sexual impotence.

The following symptoms can be a cause for concern:

  • a man's lack of sexual desire;
  • the inability of a man to achieve a persistent erection in the presence of strong psychological arousal;
  • the degree of elasticity of the penis is not sufficient to insert it into the vagina;
  • inability to perform frictional actions during the period of time necessary for full-fledged sexual intercourse;
  • under optimal conditions for the most part, a man cannot reach a state of orgasm;
  • spontaneous morning and night erections are absent.
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If at least one of the above symptoms is detected, it is necessary to be examined by a specialist, because the earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to cure it.

Diagnostic procedures for impotence aimed at identifying the causes of the disease, looking for methods to resume a full sex life and the necessary cure for impotence.

The hormone test helps establish the amount of production in the body of estrogen, prolactin, testosterone and LH (luteinizing hormone). Ultrasound and X-rays of the vascular system can detect circulatory disturbances in the penis. The list of necessary measures also includes a visit to a psychologist and self-observation of spontaneous morning and night erections.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

There are two ways to deal with a male disorder: classic (drug treatment and vacuum stimulation), operative (surgery). In the presence of mechanical damage to the vessels and arteries of the genital organ, their restoration is performed surgically.

The selection of drugs for the treatment of impotence is not an easy task. Since before making an appointment, it is necessary to accurately determine the cause of the disease. If it is based on negative changes in blood vessels, then drugs to lower blood cholesterol will be used, along with a special diet. Reducing the elasticity of the veins requires a different approach. In case of low testosterone levels, tablets containing this hormone are prescribed.

Inhibitors are very popular nowadays. They artificially induce an erection and are effective in rapidly increasing male potency.

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Impotence associated with mental disorders and phobias requires many hours of sessions with a psychotherapist. Such patients are treated by increasing tactile contact and foreplay time, removing internal blockages and sex therapy.

Impotence prevention

The basis for maintaining sexual health is the normalization of lifestyle, the rejection of bad habits and promiscuous sexual relations, the correct intimate and moral relationship with a partner, regular sexual activity. It is necessary to stop using interruption of intercourse as the only method of contraception and complacency as a substitute for full-fledged sexual intercourse.

Herbal preparations with a high content of vitamin E, which contain rosehip, golden root, Chinese magnolia vine and other useful ingredients, will have a good preventive effect and strengthen intimate health.

At the same time, do not forget about regular examinations by specialist doctors, and if you have the slightest doubt about the male consistency, immediately consult a doctor, urologist or andrologist.

Erectile dysfunction is a complex disease, so the sooner the ailment is detected, the shorter the path to restoring male health.